Each virtual or dedicated server has its own Os and works independently from the hosting servers of other customers. Updating the Operating system is often overlooked, but doing that could have quite a lot of advantages for your websites. The most significant reason to use the most up-to-date version is that patches are frequently released to repair security holes in the Operating System code, so if you do not install the updates, you risk individuals with destructive intentions to take advantage of these holes and to access your content. Operating system updates are also released for much better performance of the system as a whole and for better compatibility with the hardware on the market, which can instantly affect the efficiency of your websites. If the performance and the security of your scripts is the reason to update them, you could also know that their most up-to-date versions require an updated Operating System so as to operate effectively, thus keeping the Operating system up-to-date is always wise.
Weekly OS Update in VPS Web Hosting
If you employ one of our Virtual Private Servers, you can take full advantage of our Managed Services pack, which features a variety of admin tasks our administrators can perform on your hosting machine. Among them you will discover the Operating System update service, so in the event that you add the pack to your virtual private server plan, we'll keep your OS up-to-date consistently. This is valid for all 3 Operating Systems that we offer - CentOS, Debian and Ubuntu. With this service, you won't need to be concerned about server-side security issues and you can use it if you do not have loads of experience with maintaining a Linux machine or if you simply don't have time to deal with such matters. After every update our administrators will make certain that all sites and offline applications you have on the hosting server are operating properly.
Weekly OS Update in Dedicated Servers Hosting
In the event that you don't have enough time to update the Operating System of your dedicated server or you are not very experienced and you simply don't possess the skills to do that, you could benefit from our Operating system update service, which comes with the Managed Services upgrade. The latter could be included to your account any time and our system admins will update the Os that you have picked during the signup - Debian, Ubuntu or CentOS, with all officially released patches. They'll also meticulously check if the software on your server is operating precisely how it issupposed to after the update as to avoid any complications in the future. You will have a secure hosting machine at all times because the updates are performed every week.